GRK Welcomes Romance MI!!!

GRK Farms welcomes the stunning Romance MI (Magnum Forty Four x Rimaraa) to their breeding program.
Congratulations to Gary Kehl on your Marquise 2020 Auction acquisition!!!
Thank you Lucho Guimaraes for your guidance!
"Establishing herself as the incontrovertible Gold Standard with inspiring elegance, intense focus and captivating charisma over the course of the past decade, ROMANCE MI made Arabian breed history as the very first Arabian mare ever to be awarded the coveted title of Australian National Gold Champion on three separate occasions: as Yearling Filly (2011), Junior Filly (2012) and Senior Mare (2018). With show ring credentials further enhanced by a first-place finish in the always competitive senior mare class at the 2019 Scottsdale Show, 2018 East Coast Senior Mare Championship honors earned in Sydney, and Gold Champion Senior Mare and Highest Scoring Horse of the Show accolades enthusiastically awarded at the 2017 Australasian Breeders Cup, ROMANCE has rightfully earned her place of honor amongst the most universally admired and prodigiously accomplished show mares in the Arabian breed worldwide. Genotypically, ROMANCE masterfully blends the influence of the two most monumentally important sires of the new millennium: MAGNUM PSYCHE and MARWAN AL SHAQAB. From both, she has inherited all of the qualities essential in the ideal Arabian mare: distinctive beauty and maternal elegance, exceptional quality and refinement, superlative balance and harmony of proportion, broody capacity and impressive three-dimensional substance, and undeniable feminine charm and allure. Her powerhouse trot, which has rightfully earned her perfect 20’s on numerous occasions, as well as her enchantingly large luminous eyes, further add to the undeniable breeding appeal of ROMANCE, making her the ideal addition to the most aspiring global breeding programs. Proving the old adage true time and time again, ‘one can never have enough ROMANCE"
Words by Scott Benjamin